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Two Surprisingly Great Months For Your Next Florida RV Trip

With its exceptional year-round weather, beautiful beaches, and world-renowned theme parks, it’s no surprise that Florida is a premier destination for a motorhome vacation. But many people wonder when the best time is to rent an RV for a Florida vacation, and the answer might come as a bit of a surprise. While you can’t go wrong renting an RV in Florida in any season of the year, here’s why April and May are two of the best.

April – when the “open road” is most open!

April is one of the quietest months when it comes to tourism in Florida so it might surprise you to find out it is one of the best months for an RV vacation. However, the low tourism is part of the reason that makes it such a great time to visit! In April, the snowbirds have started their migration back north, and spring break travelers have finished up their March vacations. This means that the beaches and RV resorts will be a little bit quieter, but the weather is inching a bit warmer. The average high in April is 81 degrees, and the rainfall is still very light with less than 3” for the month. So, if the idea of hitting the open road with a truly open road in a brand-new RV rental seems appealing, April is the time to book!

May – iconic Florida weather without the summer crowds.

For those of you who liked the idea of empty beaches but still shuddered a bit at the 81 degrees, May is your month! In May, Florida sees average highs of 87 degrees, but you are still on the outskirts of the busy summer season. This means in May, you avoid the full-fledged summer heat AND avoid the summer crowds, but you get as close to those two as you can. What’s more, if you are looking to visit one of Orlando’s many theme parks, May presents one of the best months to visit as it sits between the busy spring break and summer seasons, which means shorter lines and more time for fun. On top of that, many of the available RV Parks by Disney World and Busch Gardens have greater availability. So, if you are thinking about a last-minute trip, you can still have your dream vacation without worrying about reservation conflicts at the best parks.


When it comes to Florida, you really can’t go wrong with renting an RV at any point in the year, but if you have the flexibility to consider one of the shoulder months, you will not be disappointed with a trip in April or May!

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