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The Perfect Florida RV Resort For Any Traveler

RV owners and renters alike love to plan their trips to Florida, and it is no surprise why! Florida boasts some of the best RV parks across the country, and when you combine that with the beaches and the year-round weather, you get a recipe for the perfect place for your next RV vacation. Since people are always asking us for recommendations, we decided to create a list of our favorite RV parks in Florida, and some suggestions on making your trip that much better! TO NOTE: Due to COVID-19, many parks have closed or exercised different restrictions. We would recommend calling each site or checking online for their updated information.


The Best RV Resort for a Quiet, Luxurious Stay: River Ranch Resort

River Ranch Resort is beautifully set back by the Kissimmee River; the thick vegetation creates natural privacy while also serving as a haven for wildlife. But don’t let the scenic appeal deceive you, River Ranch Resort boasts many amenities for a more conventional resort stay including multiple pools, pickleball, and tennis courts. Altogether, it makes for a relaxing, beautiful stay that everyone can enjoy. Be forewarned though, the appeal of this resort is not lost on travelers, and you often need to book a stay well in advance of your trip so be sure to call ahead! Recommended Rental: A luxury stay at the River Ranch deserves a luxurious RV so we recommend the Winnebago!

The Best RV Resort for the Space Buff: Jetty Park Campground

If you are renting from us and want to get to the beach as fast as possible, you really are in store for a treat by checking out Jetty Park Campground. Located on Cape Canaveral, your stay will be on the spot where NASA has launched many missions into space including the first Moon landing! The campground is right next to the Kennedy Space Center, and if you time it right, you can be witness to modern day launches! SpaceX most recently launched a Falcon Rocket on March 11, 2021. On top of that, it is near Cocoa Beach, giving it access to all the amenities you could ask for on a Florida vacation; Cocoa Beach is filled with firepits, beautiful coastline, and plenty of rental groups for kayaks, surfing, and bicycle tours. Located just an hour from us, it is a must stop to start or end your trip! Recommended Rental: The Leprechaun and its two Queen Beds is great for this short trip

The Best RV Resort for the Beach Lover: Beverly Beach Camptown Resort

If you are someone who is looking to wake up to sunrises over the Atlantic, Beverly Beach Camptown Resort is a must stop for your vacation. The motorhome resort is one of the few ones in the US that can tote being located directly in front of the ocean sitting atop 1,500 feet of coastline. What’s more, it is conveniently located near Daytona Beach, which is ripe with all the conventional attractions you can think of, making this an ideal getaway spot that has a little something for everyone. Recommended Rental: Soak in the sunrise in style with the Coachmen Pursuit 31BH and its King-sized bed.

The Best RV Resort for Working on Your Short Game: Clerbrook Golf & RV Resort

An RV trip through Florida hitting all the best golf courses? You wouldn’t be the first one to do that. But an RV vacation staying at a resort with a golf course? Now we’re talking. Clerbrook Golf & RV Resort is situated on a challenging 18-hole golf course that will be sure to be a highlight of your trip. The beautiful course set with rolling fairways will be something you will not want to miss! Recommended Rental: Take your foursome on the road with you in an RV built for four adults with the Coachmen Leprechaun 260DS

The Best RV Resort for the Fishing Enthusiast: Pelican Lake Motor Coach Resort

For the RV enthusiast coming to Florida to do some fishing, Pelican Lake Motor Coach Resort gives you great access to awesome salt and fresh water fishing. The resort is located right on Pelican Lake, which is a great spot for classic Florida fishing like bass, bluegill, and catfish – spend a few hours on the lake, and you are sure to bring home dinner! For the saltwater enthusiast, the Resort puts you just a short drive from Tigertail Beach, one of Florida’s premier beaches for shore casting. If fishing isn’t your thing, you still might want to check out Pelican Lake as it as a luxury resort full of all the amenities complete with pickleball and tennis courts, snorkeling rentals, pools, food trucks and more! Recommended Rental: Pelican Lake only allows Class A motorhomes, so we’d suggest traveling down in style with the Winnebago!

The Best RV Resort for the Boater: Everglades Isles a Luxury Motorhome Retreat

Situated among the beautiful 10,000 island of the Everglades, this luxury motorhome retreat makes for a must stop on your trip through Florida. The resort has access to a boat launch, or for those traveling without a boat, has access to rentals that allow you to explore the beauty through its tropical wetlands. When you finally pull yourself off the water, you’ll be impressed with the rest of the amenities at the camp including covered water side seating under Chiki Huts, fitness center, bar and restaurant and more. Recommended Rental: Take a great, family-friendly RV with the Coachmen Pursuit 27DS


With so many great resorts, it’s no wonder Florida is a premier destination for trips on the open road, but all the options create a risk you might miss something. We’ve outlined some of our favorites, but if you are looking for more help, we do offer a Travel Assist Planner – be sure to ask about it when you book!

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